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Best Drone Apps

AirMap - iOS, Android

 Don't go on vacation with your drone without this App. It will show you reliably where you can fly your drone and where you shouldn't even try, the so-called No Fly Zone. We had a chance to give it a test this summer in Zakynthos and it did great.

DJI Fly - iOS, Android

 The DJI Fly App is an indispensable part of DJI's smaller drones. Through the app you control your drone to fly where you want and shoot pictures of whatever you want. It enables a lot of drone settings that you can't set up except through the app.

Flightradar24 - iOS, Android

 A well-known App to follow your parents, kids or friends on their flights. But it's also good helper for flying drones. You can use it to monitor the air traffic around you, for example, whether a helicopter or a glider is approaching you. However, you need to take into account that the data in the app are slightly delayed, so watch out for that.

GPS Status - iOS, Android

 GPS Status is an app that shows you all of the geolocation data fom satelites around you. These can be very helpfull for flying with your drone, such as an altitude indicator. This way you have an overview of the take off altitude of your drone and can adjust your flight accordingly.

UAV Forecast - iOS, Android

 A top App that will show you the weather, outside temperature, humidity and cloud cover at a given location. Even more important data are the wind direction, wind speed, wind gusts and temperature at different altitudes. So with the UAV Forecast App, you'll be again flying a little more responsibly.